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Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Biosignal Processing and Classification

August 1-5, 2006, in Setúbal, Portugal

Editors: Dinesh Kumar 1 and Hugo Gamboa 2

ISBN: 978-972-8865-67-2

Conference Link: http://www.icinco.org/

Foreword: Thank you all for participating in this years BPC workshop. In the last century, human created faster and reliable computers and reliable products. Today, we have grown from a need based society to a society that demands our comforts. No longer are we at the mercy of the speed and memory of our computers, but desire the computers to work for us for our convenience. No longer are we satisfied with key boards and mouse, but we need more interactive computers, that can realise our commands and feelings, even if inaccurate- we want our computers to be our Jeeves. This, coupled with the need for security and safety of people working in difficult environments has fuelled the need for improved and more versatile human computer interface systems, and brought computer engineers closer to sensor scientists and biomedical engineers. This century is when human is attempting to make these products and systems useful for the people, with the aim to develop computers to extend the capabilities of people. One primary goal is to sense the commands for controlling the computers and machines. To help march towards this goal, the theme of this year is ‘Biosignal Processing and Classification (BPC)’. This year, we have had some excellent submissions, and truly global, with 4 continents being represented. We are hopeful that our sessions are useful, informative and also provide an opportunity for peers to network and produce international teams that can tackle real world problems. We are hoping that we can become a team of researchers and focus on the strengths of each of us, and hoping that we now should attempt and attract support from industry. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the members of the program committee for doing an excelent job in reviewing the papers which has resulted in ensuring a high quality proceedings. We would also like to acknowledge all the authors and all the participants who made this meeting successfull. All the secretariat and editorial support have been done by Marina Carvalho. We truly thank Marina for his effort and attentive work. We once again thank you for the support, and welcome you to the workshop. (More)


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