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Proceedings of the 14th International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications - (Volume 5)

July 24-26, 2017, in Madrid, Spain

ISBN: 978-989-758-261-5

ISSN: 2184-2825

Conference Link: http://www.winsys.icete.org/

Foreword: This book contains the proceedings of the 14th International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications (ICETE 2017). ICETE 2017 is sponsored by INSTICC (the Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication), co-organized by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and technically co-sponsored by the IEEE System Council and held in cooperation with the ACM SIGMIS (Special Interest Group on Management Information Systems), the ACM SIGMM (Special Interest Group on Multimedia), the European Optical Society (EOS), the Information Technology Society (ITG), the European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP) and the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR). Moreover, ICETE 2017 has WfMC (Workflow Management Coalition), OMG (Object Management Group) and FIPA (The Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents) as Organizational Co-Sponsors. The purpose of the International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications is to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in the dissemination of new results in the fields of information and communication technologies, including data communication networking, e-business, optical communication systems, security and cryptography, signal processing and multimedia applications, and wireless networks and mobile systems. These are the main conference areas that define the six component conferences, namely: DCNET, ICE-B, OPTICS, SECRYPT, SIGMAP, and WINSYS, which together form the ICETE joint international conference. We would like to emphasize that ICETE 2017 includes four distinguished keynote lectures, delivered by experts in their fields, including (alphabetically): Andreas Holzinger (Medical University Graz, Austria), Carlo Regazzoni (University of Genova, Italy), Jan Camenisch (IBM Research - Zurich, Switzerland) and Jose Duato (UPV, Spain). With its six segments, we expect it to appeal to a global audience of the engineers, scientists, business practitioners and policy experts, interested in R&D on Telecommunication Systems and Services. All tracks focus on research related to real world applications and rely on contributions not only from academia, but also from industry, business and government, with different solutions for end-user applications and enabling technologies, in a diversity of communication environments. The accepted papers demonstrate a number of new and innovative solutions and the vitality of these research areas. In response to the call for papers, ICETE has received 195 papers in total, with contributions from 48 different countries in all continents, which demonstrate the success and global dimension of ICETE 2017. To evaluate each submission, a double blind paper evaluation method was used: each paper was reviewed by at least two experts from the International Program Committee in a double-blind review process, and most papers had received 3 reviews or more. The selection process followed strict criteria. So, only 35 papers were accepted and orally presented at ICETE as full papers (18% of submissions) and 41 as short papers (21% of submissions). Additionally, 43 papers were accepted for poster presentations. The DCNET conference has received 11 papers and only 4 were accepted as full papers, 3 papers were accepted as short papers and 2 papers as Poster. The ICE-B conference has received 20 papers and only 4 were accepted as full papers, 7 papers were accepted as short papers and 4 papers as Poster. The OPTICS conference has received 9 papers and only 2 was accepted as full papers, 2 papers were accepted as short papers and 2 papers as Poster. The SECRYPT conference has received 116 papers and only 17 was accepted as full papers, 19 papers were accepted as short papers and 30 papers as Poster. The SIGMAP conference has received 18 papers and only 4 were accepted as full papers, 4 papers were accepted as short papers and 3 papers as Poster. The WINSYS conference has received 21 papers and only 4 were accepted as full papers, 6 papers were accepted as short paper and 2 papers as Poster. With this acceptance ratio, ICETE 2017 continues the tradition of previous conferences as a distinguished and high-quality conference. Extended versions of selected best papers of the conference will be invited to appear in a post-conference book that will be published by Springer. A successful conference involves more than paper presentations alone. It is also a meeting place, where ideas about new research projects and other ventures are discussed and debated. Therefore, a social event including a conference dinner/banquet has been planned for evening of July 25th in order to promote this kind of social networking. We would like to express our thanks to all colleagues involved in supporting this conference. We would like to thank in particular: the members of the Program Committee and the external reviewers, who really did a great job, devoting expertise and time in reviewing the papers and participating in the discussion process. We would like to thank all the authors who submitted papers, whether or not the paper was eventually included in the program. We would also like to thank the panelists and invited speakers for their invaluable contribution, in sharing their vision, knowledge and research outcomes. Finally, a word of appreciation for the hard work of the INSTICC team; organizing a conference of this level is a task that can only be achieved by the collaborative effort of a dedicated and highly capable and energetic team. We hope that the papers accepted and included in the proceedings will be helpful references in future works for all those who need to address topics in the ICETE knowledge areas. Enjoy the program and your stay in Madrid. (More)


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