Proceedings of the International Conference on Education, Language and Society

August 5-6, 2019, in Jakarta, Indonesia

ISBN: 978-989-758-405-3

Conference Link: http://pps.unj.ac.id/conference/index.php/icels/icels

Foreword: This proceeding is a collection of papers that had been presented at the international conferences focusing on education, language and literature, and humanities. Language, literary studies, and social issues in Education and Technology is a collection of conference papers presented at the First Conference of the International Conference on Education, Language, and Society (ICELS) 2019. This conference is held annually and organized jointly by The Language Education Study Program of Graduate School, Universitas Negeri Jakarta. Seeing the development of science and technology in the industrial era 4.0, language and literary education, humanities, and its system are required to be able to run along in mediating the needs of the community to face the disruptive era. We believe that this international conference can be an excellent scientific forum to provide space for lecturers, students, practitioners, and the wider community to make a significant impact on these global demands. We hope that this proceeding can be a supporting material and at the same time be able to contribute to the reader to open broader insights and even be involved in developing perspectives in the study of education, language and literature, and humanities. We thank and give appreciation to all keynote speakers, invited speakers, and reviewers from overseas for accepting our invitation and for sharing their ideas during the conferences. We also give thanks to the advisory board members, the organizing committee members, individuals who had struggled to organize this event. We would also like to thank all presenters and participants for their full contributions and enthusiasm in the 1st ICELS 2019. (More)


Vol. 1 - 978-989-758-405-3

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