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Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Modelling, Simulation, Verification and Validation of Enterprise Information Systems

June 12-16, 2007, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

ISBN: 978-972-8865-95-5

Conference Link: http://www.iceis.org

Foreword: The International Workshop on Modelling, Simulation, Verification and Validation of Enterprise Information Systems (MSVVEIS) aims at increasing the reliability of software systems designed to implement Enterprise Information Systems. This year MSVVEIS’07 marked the fifth anniversary of the event and we are pleased to see that our event has grown in quality and size. This reflects the importance that the topic has to fundamental academic areas of computing and also to business and industry in their daily practice. The problem of increasing reliability of software has been an important aim for people in computer science. Anyone who uses software in a regular basis will experience how fragile systems can be and how easily users can be disappointed by the behaviour of programs. Software bugs have caused loses of human life and every year many countries lost significant amounts of money due to software that will fail to preform as expected. This is not new and there is a long list of painful experiences from which we will just name a few: faults in ambulance scheduling systems, cars, satellites, and space crafts. MSVVEIS is only part of a global effort from many researchers around the world to improve this situation and provide methodologies and tools which can help system analysts and designers to better understand users requirements and system specifications for adequate and reliable software system design. There is also a trade off in between the aims to produce methods and tools which can rigorously analyse software and advice on how to improve it and the usability of the system. As often new technical notations are resisted by professionals there are user acceptance issues to take into consideration. Interestingly, the area has been quite prolific on producing methods which can help software developers but then not all of them have tools that can help to do that process automatic. Also not all the tools available give that extra step into making the task as easy as possible to newcomers and that seems to be an important element hindering the adoption of more rigorous processes for software systems production. In our workshop we aim at creating a dialogue in between business, industry and academy so that rigorous solutions are encouraged but they are shaped by the opinion of professionals which are closely involved with the software production stages. Papers submitted to MSVVEIS blend theoretical and practical issues and address many areas related to those aspects of business processes modelling and simulation and software development and evaluation that can increase the confidence in the correctness of EIS systems. A non-exhaustive list of technical areas of interest considered at our event is: Business process modelling & simulation Business process analysis & design Workflow modelling & simulation IS modelling & design Requirements specifications Modelling guidelines for practitioners Integration of modelling & specification Case studies Petri nets (business/industry applications) Formal methods Notation standards (UML, XML, …) Use cases Process algebra Model checking & Testing Combination of verification systems Consistency checking and data integrity Large scale component-based develop Application integration Reuse of specifications and proofs Quality control and assurance Software architecture Quality attributes Dependability Deductive systems Safety critical systems Finite-state abstractions of infinite-state systems The papers selected for this event usually will cover a combination of various topics and therefore it will be difficult to categorize them into exclusive compartments. They were selected from 27 submissions from various countries around the world. After double blind peer-review by three experts, the submissions to this workshop were accepted into 13 Full papers and 5 Posters. The event will have for this edition distinguished invited speakers who will share their expertise and vision of the field. We believe the program for this 5th edition is an exciting event, multidisciplinary and representative of a global effort to bring reliability to EIS and we hope it will very productive for all the attendees. Acknowledgements As in previous editions we are grateful to many people who collaborated from different positions to organize this our 5th edition of the workshop. First we would like to thanks the authors of all the submitted papers for sharing their experience with us and for going through various stages of modifications of their papers in order to create the camera-ready versions for this proceedings. Special thanks to the members of our Program Committee members and our Auxiliary Reviewers (see bellow for a complete list) for their help to select the papers and their constructive feedback to the authors. ICEIS and INSTICC made this event possible from an organizational point of view, which includes the publication of this proceedings. Our special thanks to the ICEIS Workshops Organizers, Slimane Hammoudi and Olivier Camp, and to the ICEIS Webmaster, Vitor Pedrosa, who supported us throughout the whole production cycle, once more, always with high professional standards. (More)


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