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Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Natural Language Understanding and Cognitive Science

May 23-27, 2006, in Paphos, Cyprus

ISBN: 978-972-8865-50-4

Conference Link: http://www.iceis.org

Foreword: Welcome to the 3rd International Workshop on Natural Language Understanding and Cognitive Science, held on 23 May 2006 in Paphos, Cyprus. This workshop was organised in conjunction with the 8th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2006). Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is a dynamic research area covering a wide range of topics such as text understanding, information extraction, text mining, spoken language understanding, machine translation and ontology. Research into NLU draws on many disciplines, namely linguistics, cognitive science, psychology, computer science and artificial intelligence. This workshop aims at providing a forum for academic and industrial researchers in NLU and cognitive science in particular to share their approaches and findings. The workshop has received 24 papers: 12 were selected for technical sessions and 4 for poster sessions. The papers covered a wide range of themes ranging from ontologies, lexicon generator, text mining, sentence understanding, question-answering, word sense disambiguation to text mining. This year’s keynote speaker was Professor Matthew Stone, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University, whose presentation is entitled “Designing Meaningful Agents“. Each paper was reviewed by at least two members of the programme committee who provided critical evaluations and suggestions for improvements. They worked hard and we wish to acknowledge their contribution. The expert reviewers were: M. Aretoulaki (Intervoice Ltd., UK) J. Barnden (Birmingham University, UK) D. Cristea (University ”A. I. Cuza" of Iasi, Romania) C. Day (Keele University, UK) B. Endres-Niggemeyer (Fachhochschule Hanover, Germany) A. Gelbukh (Chung-Ang University, Korea,) S. Helmreich (New Mexico State University, USA) E. Hinrichs (University of Tuebingen, Germany) D. Mladenic (J. Stefan Institute, Slovenia) D. Molla (Macquarie University, Australia) C. Mota (Centro de Automática da UTL, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal) J. Mothe (Université de Toulouse, France) M. Nunes (Instituto de Ciências Matemáticas e da Computação - USP/São Carlos, Brasil) P. Rayson (Lancashire University, UK) F. Ren (University of Tokushima, Japan) R. Schwitter (Macquarie University, Australia) F. Sedes (Université de Toulouse, France) B. Sharp (Staffordshire University, UK) G. Thompson (Liverpool University, UK) D. Tufis (University “A. I. Cuza" of Iasi, Romania) Y. Wilks (Sheffield University, UK) P. Windridge (Staffordshire University, UK) This workshop would not be possible without the support of its authors and the dedication of many colleagues at Staffordshire University, Setubal Polytechnic, and the host co-organisers: University of Cyprus, Aristotle University of Thessalonica, and Athens University of Economics and Business. Special thanks to Vitor Pedrosa for his hard work and patience. The workshop would also like to acknowledge the support of our sponsors, and INSTICC in particular. On behalf of the delegates and the programme committee we wish to thank the organising committee of the University of Cyprus for their warm hospitality. We hope you have enjoyed NLUCS 2006 and ICEIS 2006, and we look forward to seeing you all at NLUCS 2007 and ICEIS 2007. (More)


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