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Proceedings of GEODIFF 2013

February 21-24, 2013, in Barcelona, Spain

ISBN: 978-989-8565-49-5

Conference Link: http://www.visigrapp.org/geodiff.aspx

Foreword: Before being a Workshop, GEODIFF is a project funded by CNRS (National Center Scientific Research) in the framework of PEPS Rupture Call 2011. Main aim of GEODIFF is to investigate how Multi-Agent-Systems and Variational approaches can collaborate to model complex diffusion phenomena, like pollution, wildfire, floods, forest pest insect behavior, etc. That kind of complex diffusion process can be modelled at different scales (micro and macro) using both variationnal approaches or MAS commonly used within the image analysis and understanding community: If variationnal approaches are well suited to continuous description of processes like diffusion (macro scale), MAS brings a different angle, as the whole process is based on some local heuristics leading the behaviour of the agents (in a micro scale) representing part of the whole process. In this latter case, the phenomenon is hard to model by a continuous physical equation. From this starting point, GEODIFF project brings together researchers from the Computer Vision community whom main areas of interest are PDE based approaches and MAS in order to propose from the image processing point of view some original diffusion modelling tools which will find applicability in a non-traditionally image processing application areas. GEODIFF project now comes to an end and we thought that bringing together researchers who were involved as well as researchers who could have an interest in that kind of scientific issues would help in going on for further investigations. So here it is, first Workshop GEODIFF is organized in conjunction with the 8th VISIGRAPP conference in Barcelona. This first edition focuses on the work achieved in the last two years by the GEODIFF partners, but also includes some external papers that would help to define the main issues and possible new collaborations for the coming year and more. I want to thank each contributor for the work they achieved and also for the discussions we already had and the ones we are going to have in Barcelona. I also want to thank the researchers that will attend the Workshop whatever the motivation will be (curiosity, real interest, new projects...): it could be the starting point of fruitful collaborations. (More)


Vol. 1 - 978-989-8565-49-5