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Proceedings of the First International Conference on E-Business and Telecommunication Networks - (Volume 1)

August 25-28, 2004, in Setúbal, Portugal

ISBN: 972-8865-15-5

ISSN: 2184-2825

Conference Link: http://www.icete.org

Foreword: On behalf of the ICETE’2004 organizers, we warmly welcome you to join us and hope you will enjoy the 1st International Conference on E-business and Telecommunication Networks, in Portugal. This conference represents a major initiative to increase the technical exchanges among professionals, who work on the e-business and telecommunication networks fields, and who are deploying new services and technologies into the lives of ordinary consumers. The major goal of this conference is to bring together researchers and developers from academia and industry working in areas related to e-business, with a special focus on telecommunication networks. In our program for this first conference, we have included keynote lectures, tutorials, papers, and posters to present the widest possible view on these two technical areas. This year, four simultaneous tracks are going to be held, covering different aspects, including: “Global Communication Information Systems and Services”, “Security and Reliability in Information Systems and Networks”, “Wireless Communication Systems and Networks” and “Multimedia Signal Processing”. With these tracks, we expect to appeal to a global audience of the engineers, scientists, business people, policy experts, and journalists interested in the research topics of ICETE. All tracks focus on real world applications and rely on contributions from the industry, with dramatically different solutions for end-user applications and enabling technologies, in a diversity of communication environments. We hope that the proceedings here published, demonstrate new and innovative solutions for e-business and telecommunication networks, and show that the technical problems in both fields are challenging and worthwhile. We have received 222 papers in total, with contributions from 43 different countries, from all continents, which really shows the success and global dimension of ICETE 2004. To evaluate each submission, a double blind paper evaluation method was used: each paper was reviewed by at least two internationally known experts from our Program Committee. In the end, 110 papers were selected for oral presentation and for publication as full papers (8 pages in proceedings) and 44 papers were accepted for poster presentation (6 pages in proceedings). Given the full paper acceptance ratio we are convinced that ICETE 2004 has achieved a high quality standard that we will strive to keep and enhance in order to ensure the success of next year ICETE, which will be held at the Microsoft Convention Centre - Reading, in the UK. Furthermore, a short list of about thirty papers will be selected to appear in a book that will be published by Kluwer Academic Publishers. We would like to emphasize that ICETE 2004 includes six outstanding keynote lectures and six tutorials in areas which are very relevant, nowadays. These talks are presented by internationally recognized experts in different areas and contribute to increase the overall quality of the Conference. Two satellite workshops, related to the field of the conference, are also hosted in conjunction with ICETE 2004: “The 1st International Workshop on Electronic Government, and Commerce: Design, Modelling, Analysis and Security” (EGCDMAS 2004) and the “1st International Workshop on Shaping the Broadband Society - users and services” (SBS 2004). But life is more than technology, so the organizing committee has put together a very attractive social program including two social events: a Welcome Reception in the evening of 25 August (Wednesday) and a guided tour followed by a Banquet in the evening of 27 October (Friday). We hope that you enjoy this exciting conference and have an unforgettable stay in the sunny city of Setúbal. We would like to express our thanks, first of all, to the authors of the technical papers presented at the conference, whose work made possible to put together a high quality program. Next, we would like to thank all the members of the program committee and reviewers, who helped us with their expertise, dedication and time. We would also like to thank the invited speakers for their invaluable contribution, sharing their vision and knowledge. Finally, a word of appreciation for the work of the secretariat and all other members of the organization, whose diligence in dealing with all organizational issues was essential and required a collaborative effort of a dedicated and highly capable team. We hope that you will read and learn from these proceedings of the first e-business and telecommunication networks conference with every expectation that this will be a significant milestone in the future of e-business and telecommunication networks. (More)


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