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Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Artificial Neural Networks and Intelligent Information Processing

August 1-5, 2006, in Setúbal, Portugal

Editor: Kurosh Madani

ISBN: 978-972-8865-68-9

Conference Link: http://www.icinco.org/

Foreword: One year already revolved since the first ANNIIP workshop and still much remains unknown about the brain’s internal mechanisms as well as about how the animal’s brain trains and self-organizes itself to process so complex information with so wide diversity. However, what I am confident about is the fact that bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence has considerably progressed over the evolved year. As for ANNIIP 2005 workshop, the 2006th edition of ANNIIP within the prestigious ICINCO International Conference offered a marvels occasion to overhaul our knowledge about further theoretical advances, new experimental discoveries and novel technological improvements in the promising area of the bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence. As for ANNIIP 2005 workshop, where the aim was to make an inventory of recent advances in ANN and Intelligent Information Processing areas around a deliberately limited number of presentations, the main goal of this book is to convene around a small number of topics a set of relevant papers concerning the aforementioned fields. The choice of publishing a so restricted number of papers has been motivated on the one hand by the premeditated desire to give a large space to exchanges and discussions, and on the other hand by the strong principle of the presentation of each submitted article by its authors. The impact of Bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence on real-world dilemmas has been identified as the leading theme of the ANNIIP 2006 making the primary frame of the present collective volume. This foremost thematic is present as well in selected works dealing with learning and optimization of connectionist structures as in those linked to multi-agent based approaches or with smart sensors related aspects. As in the previous edition, a particular interest has been devoted to applicative aspects, giving a special attention on industrial applications. It is important to remind that scientific relevance and technical quality of a collective volume emerge from quality of its contributors: those who contribute by the high quality of their manuscripts and those who take part in reviewing of submitted papers ensuring the distinction of the book by their valuable expertise. I would like to reedit my acknowledgements to contributors of all accepted papers. Also, I would like to express again my gratitude to Reviewing Board and Program Committee for the valuable work that they accomplished: my heartfelt recognition to those who already were members of ANNIIP Program Committee as well as my sincere thanks to those who kindly accepted to joint the Reviewing Board of this new edition of the workshop. Again, I would like to express my warm appreciation and my particular gratitude to my friend Prof. Joaquim Filipe, ICINCO 2006 Conference Chair, for his reliance on the young science of “Bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence” and for his confidence on devoting once more this privileged space to the ANNIIP workshop within his valuable conference. It is also essential to remind that the organization of a prestigious conference in so accurate way remains a challenging undertaking requiring a reliable and a solid Organizing Committee. I would like acknowledge all members of ICINCO 2006 Organizing Committee, with a special attention for Marina Carvalho from ICINCO Secretariat who has been particularly a key person in ANNIIP 2006 organization tasks. (More)


Vol. 1 - 978-972-8865-68-9