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Proceedings of the International Workshop on Networked embedded and control system technologies: European and Russian R&D cooperation

July 4-5, 2009, in Milan, Italy

ISBN: 978-989-674-004-7

Conference Link: http://www.icinco.org/ws_NESTER.htm

Foreword: This book contains the papers from the NESTER Workshop, held on July 4-5, 2009 in Milan, Italy as a satellite event of the ICINCO conference. The key goal of the workshop was to strengthen R&D collaboration between the European Union and Russia in the field of Networked Embedded and Control System Technologies (NECS), a vibrant area of research with far reaching applications in a vast number of scientific and commercial sectors. To this end, representatives from both the research and industrial communities came together to share R&D experiences, present and discuss recent scientific and technological achievements, and identify areas of common interest and potential R&D collaboration in the field of NECS, namely in the scope of the upcoming calls for the EU 7th Framework Programme. The NESTER workshop was organised by the EC-funded NESTER project (Networked Embedded and Control System Technologies for Europe and Russia, www.nester-ru.eu). NECS is one of the key priority ICT areas defined in the 7th Framework Programme (ICT Work Programme). The NESTER project aims to identify opportunities for greater R&D cooperation between Europe and Russia in the field of NECS and to help R&D teams from European Union and Russia initiate joint NECS projects. The main objectives of the workshop were to: - Meet with European and Russian leading players in the NESC field. - Get insight into the latest technical developments presented by researchers with first hand experience in relevant practical issues. - Take advantage of networking opportunities to establish new research-research and research-business contacts. The workshop brought together a number of representatives with a wide range of qualifications (project managers, senior researchers, heads of laboratories, etc.) from European and Russian organisations (academia, research institutes & laboratories, multinational corporations, and SMEs) specializing in the areas that are at the core of the NESTER project. The focus areas of the Workshop included, but were not limited to the following: - Real time software tools and their integration. Platform-based design. - Design and engineering of monitoring and control for complex/ large scale systems, including wireless sensor networks. - Homogeneous or heterogeneous multi-core and/or reconfigurable computer architectures, high-level programming languages, operating systems, compilers, and automatic parallelisation. Of special interest were topics pertaining to the four industrial sectors designated by the NESTER project as high priority for EU-RU collaboration: transportation, telecommunications, energy, and public security infrastructure. The selection of papers reflects the broad spectrum of issues addressed within the area of NECS and affords the reader an overview of many of the multifaceted aspects of Networked Embedded and Control System Technologies as well as a vision of the future. (More)


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