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Proceedings of the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Information Technologies and Intelligent Decision Making Systems"

June 28-1, 2021, in Moscow, Russian Federation

ISBN: 978-989-758-541-8

Conference Link: https://rosnou.ru/en/university/Science/itidms\_2\_2021\_Inform/

Foreword: We are pleased to present a collection of materials II International scientific and practical conference "Information technologies and intelligent decision making systems" (ITIDMS-II-2021), which took place on July 1, 2021 in Russian New University, Moscow, Russian Federation and was dedicated to information technology in industrial activities. The conference was held on the Zoom platform, which allowed all participants to present their materials from anywhere in the world. The conference was held with the aim of summarizing international experience in the use of information technologies in industrial, technical, technological and production processes, as well as issues of using information technologies in physical, technical and engineering. Within the framework of the conference, the participants discussed the conditions for the functioning of information technologies in changing conditions, as well as their application to the production process, technical and technological development, ensuring the operation of large industrial complexes and in other areas of activity. Thus, the conference made it possible to exchange scientific knowledge in the field of information technology development in industrial industries. Arthur Gibadullin Candidate of Science, Associate Professor State University of Management, Moscow, Russian Federation (More)


Vol. 1 - 978-989-758-541-8