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Proceedings of the First International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics - (Volume 2)

August 25-28, 2004, in Setúbal, Portugal

ISBN: 972-8865-12-0

ISSN: 2184-2809

Conference Link: http://www.icinco.org/

Foreword: Welcome to the 1st International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO 2004). This conference aims at representing a major forum to debate technical advances presented by researchers and developers from the academia and from the industry, working in areas related to Control, Automation and Robotics. In the program of this conference, we have included oral presentation and posters organized in three simultaneous tracks: “Intelligent Control Systems and Optimization”, “Robotics and Automation” and “Systems Modeling, Signal Processing and Control”. Furthermore, ICINCO 2004 includes 6 plenary keynote lectures, 2 satellite workshops and 2 tutorials, given by internationally recognized researchers. We think these proceedings not only demonstrate new and innovative solutions but also present some new technical problems in each field which are challenging and worthwhile, thus stimulating a fruitful debate and further discussion. We have received 311 paper submissions, not including workshops, from 51 different countries, in all continents. To evaluate each submission, a double blind paper evaluation method was used, with the help of prestigious experts, each of them holding a Ph.D. in at least one of ICINCO topic areas. Finally, only 185 papers were accepted for publication in the proceedings, and presentation at the conference; of these, 115 papers were selected for oral presentation and 71 papers were accepted for poster presentation. The global acceptance ratio was less than 60% and the full paper acceptance ratio was 36%. These are high quality standards, which we will try to reinforce next year, at ICINCO 2005, to be held in Barcelona, Spain. Furthermore, a short list of about thirty papers will be selected to be included in a book that will be published by Kluwer Academic Publishers with the best papers of ICINCO 2004. Two satellite workshops, related to the field of the conference are held in conjunction with ICINCO 2004: “The 1st International Workshop on Artificial Neural Networks: data preparation techniques and application development” (ANNs 2004) and the “1st International Workshop on e-learning and Virtual and Remote Laboratories” (VIRTUAL-LAB 2004). In order to promote the development of professional networks the conference includes a social program, including a Welcome Reception in the evening of 25 August (Wednesday) and a guided tour followed by a Conference Dinner in the evening of 27 October (Friday). Finally, we would like to express our thanks to all participants. First of all to the authors, whose quality work is the essence of the conference. Next, we would like to thank all the members of the program committee and reviewers, who helped us with their expertise and time. We would also like to thank the invited speakers for their invaluable contribution in sharing their knowledge and vision. Finally, a word of appreciation for the work of the secretariat; organizing a conference of this level is a task that can only be achieved by the collaborative effort of a dedicated and highly capable team. (More)


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