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Proceedings of the Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics Symposium 2018 on Special Session for Indonesian Study

January 10-12, 2018, in Bali, Indonesia

ISBN: 978-989-758-339-1

Conference Link: http://jcae2018.feb.unair.ac.id/

Foreword: Welcome to 2018 Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics (JCAE) Conference! International conferences will provide an excellent opportunity to gather academics together from different background for the purpose of presenting, disseminate, and discuss their research, thus hopefully they can improve their quality of research and can be beneficial for science and society. By joining international conference, it will also enable the scientific community to not only create new networks but also widen their networs so that they can foster the relationship. The journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics (JCAE) 2018 hosted by Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Airlangga, in collaboration with Deakin University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and University of Technology Sydney. It is great pleasure to welcoming the participant in Anvaya Beach Resots, Bali. This conference is expected not only for raises an important things in the discussion room and proceeding, but also for unique networking opportunities. With delegates worldwide, it provides the ideal forum to discuss the latest findings in accounting, economics and business that hopefully would bring breakthrough in universal economics and business agenda. Hence, the research and discussion in this conference could provide a useful insight for practitioners, while at the same time contribute to the development for the filed on economics and business. As the chairman of the organizing committee, I would express our gratitude to JCAE Editorial Boad which already trusted Department of Accounting, Faculty of Business end Economics Universitas Airlangga to hosted this event. My appreciation also addressed to all committee who have worked hard and managing all of detailed related to this events. We also thankful all of sponsors that already contribute in this conference. Last but not least thank you for all of the speakers, moderators, and participants for choosing our conference for diseminate their research. We hope you will get great experiences through this event. Have an enjoyable conference. (More)


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