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Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference Postgraduate School

July 10-11, 2018, in Surabaya, Indonesia

ISBN: 978-989-758-348-3

Conference Link: http://pasca.unair.ac.id/icpsuas/

Foreword: Assalamualaikum warrahmatullah wabarakatuh Greetings for all of you Excellency Prof. Dr. Hj. Sri Iswati, S.E, M.Si. Excellency Dr. Soekarwo S.H, M.H Excellency Dr. Ir. H. Sambari Halim Radianto, S.T, M.Si The Keynote speakers, invited speakers, presenters and participants of the conference Ladies and gentlemen Alhamdulillahirabbil ‘alamin, we are here to The Second International Conference Postgraduate School with the theme Innovation of Technology and Bureaucracy Towards Good Governance to improve the Nation’s Competitiveness. Universitas Airlangga is delighted to welcome you all in this two day conference. Ladies and gentlemen A university role is one of many pillars to build a nation that has great civilization, government system, human resources, natural resources, and other potentials It is our roles as academics and as a part of the university in maximizing the potentials to generally develop our nation or to specifically increase our nation’s competitiveness. This can be achieved from a lot of ways. Setting good governance in many parts ranging from universities, institutes, public entities, societies, to governmental organizations and being more innovative in all areas one of which is good governance are some of the ways. In addition, some principles the good governance as set by the United Nations like Rule of Law, Consensus, Equity and Inclusiveness, and other principles need to be considered to build good governance. Ladies and gentlemen Talking about the theme of the conference, I believe all of you are eager to present your ideas on how we can support governance efforts through technology and bureaucracy, how the innovation for governance is working, and other questions that can be addressed in the conference. Through this international conference, I encourage the academicians, the intellectuals, and the presenters, and the participants to share their ideas on the issues on how we can make innovation of technology and bureaucracy to make our nation have a high level of competitiveness at the international level. I hope that in the end of the conference all of you can extend your networking with academics from various international or national universities. The networking leads us to have more collaborations among universities yielding joint research and publication, seminar and conference, and academic mobility involving researchers. I thank you all, the keynote speakers, the invited speakers, all of presenters and participants for your interest in the conference. My deepest appreciation goes to the organizing committee -School of Postgraduate Universitas Airlangga that have worked in the conference for several months. Finally, I hope that this conference can be conducted regularly and I wish you have a great time in the Conference. Wasalamualaikum wr. wb. (More)


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