Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Open Source in European Health Care: The Time is Ripe

January 16-17, 2009, in Porto, Portugal

ISBN: 978-989-8111-79-1

Conference Link: http://www.biostec.org/OSEHC.htm

Foreword: This workshop was designed because the initiators think that Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) is one of the driving forces in overcoming the fragmentation in the health care market, which is one of the main efficiency barriers in the context of ICT in health care. The idea was borne at the EFMI Special Topic Conference “Open Source in European Health care” which took place in London in September 2008. The result of this conference was a list of still unanswered questions and challenges for FLOSS in health care (FLOSS-HC). The organisers of this workshop felt that there has to be a continued effort to work on these challenges in order to move FLOSS-HC forward. And in the true spirit of FLOSS this has to be done by the community. But the community needs impulses to be inspired and to work on special issues. In addition, it needs to be coordinated so that valuable contributions may be concentrated and don’t get ‘lost in space’. By adding “European” to the title of the conference we do not want to exclude non-Europeans. In contrary, non-Europeans are especially invited to participate in the workshop and share their ideas and expertise in FLOSS-HC. We think that other regions are already more advanced in respect to FLOSS-HC and we can learn from these experiences. In preparing the workshop the organisers asked themselves whom they should invite. Is there already a FLOSS-HC community? No, there is no FLOSS-HC community yet, there are many! So this is another challenge for FLOSS-HC and one of the objectives of this workshop: Helping to build a FLOSS-HC community and helping to not generate a fragmentation of the FLOSS-HC market. Others have already started this work years ago e.g. the Open Source Health Care Alliance (OSHCA). Our aim is to start up an European initiative to build a ‘market place’ for FLOSS-HC. One of the main challenges is to bring all stakeholders together and create a meeting point for the community, a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas. All challenges mentioned above may only be solved if all of you contribute in a cooperative way. This workshop is thought to be a continuation from EFMI STC 2008 and part of a series of workshops organised by the EFMI LIFOSS WG to work on the issues mentioned above. We cordially invite all stakeholders and interested people to join us. What is our vision about FLOSS-HC? FLOSS-HC should become a viable alternative to common business models and thus contribute to a more cost-effective, timely and high quality health care provision. Do you think we can make our vision a reality? Yes, we can. (More)


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