Researching the Efficiency of Configurations of a Collective Decision-making System on the Basis of Fuzzy Logic

Anastasiya Polyakova, Lipinskiy Leonid, Eugene Semenkin


Collective decision-making systems (or ensembles) based on fuzzy logic have proven their effectiveness in a number of test and practical tasks. However, the problem of configuring the system and forming the main operators remains unsolved. In this paper is a study of the effectiveness of different sequences of applying optimization procedures for the formation of the main operators of a collective decision-making system based on fuzzy logic. The effectiveness of tuning schemes for a collective decision-making system is investigated using the problem of restoring the cryolite ratio and the content of calcium and magnesium fluorides. It is shown in the research that an effective choice of the sequence of applying optimization procedures for tuning and forming the main operators can significantly increase the overall efficiency of the system.


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