On Decomposing Formal Verification of CTL-based Properties on IaaS Cloud Environment

Chams Choucha, Mohamed Ramdani, Mohamed Khalgui, Laid Kahloul


This paper deals with reconfigurable discrete event/control systems (RDECSs) that dynamically change their structures due to external changes in environment or user requirements. RDECSs are complex and critical. The verification of these systems continues to challenge experts in both academia and industry since the generated state spaces are much bigger and the properties to be verified are more complex. Reconfigurable Timed Net Condition/Event Systems (R-TNCESs) are proposed as an extension of the Petri nets formalism for the optimal functional and temporal specification of RDECSs. Real systems model can encompass millions of transitions which, implies huge state spaces and complex properties to be verified. To control the complexity and to reduce the verification time, a new method of CTL properties verification in a cloud-based architecture is proposed. The novelty consists in a new method for state space generation and the decomposition of the complex properties for running an efficient verification. An algorithm is proposed for the incremental state space generation. A case study is exploited to illustrate the impact of using this technique. The current results show the benefits of the paper’s contribution.


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