3D Mobility, Resizing and Mobile Sink Nodes in Reconfigurable Wireless Sensor Networks based on Multi-agent Architecture under Energy Harvesting Constraints

Hanene Rouainia, Hanen Grichi, Laid Kahloul, Mohamed Khalgui


This paper deals with reconfigurable wireless sensor networks (RWSNs) to be composed of a set of sensor nodes, which monitor the physical and chemical conditions of the environment. RWSNs adapt dynamically their behaviors to their environment. The main challenge in RWSN is to keep the network alive as long as possible. We apply a set of solutions for energy problems by using 3D mobility, resizing and mobile sink nodes. These solutions are based on a multi-agent architecture employing a wireless communication protocol. Moreover, we develop an application named RWSNSim that allows us to simulate an RWSN and apply the proposed solutions. The performance of the proposed approach is demonstrated through a case study. The case study consists of surveying of fire in a forest which is simulated with RWSNSim application.


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