Adopting Technological Devices in Hospital at Home: A Modelling and Simulation Perspective

Ilaria Amantea, Emilio Sulis, Guido Boella, Andrea Crespo, Dario Bianca, Enrico Brunetti, Renata Marinello, Marco Grosso, Jan-Christoph Zoels, Michele Visciola, Elena Guidorzi, Luisa Miolano, Giorgio Ratti, Tommaso Mazzoni, Ermes Zani, Serena Ambrosini


This article introduces a framework to integrate Business Process Management and Simulation to e-Health solutions in the context of dehospitalization. Assistive technologies clearly have a direct and positive impact on the quality of life of patients, but they also improve the overall management of the organizational processes. In the framework of business process analysis, we introduce televisiting and telemedicine applications. In particular, we define modeling and simulation of hospital services as a base to investigate the role of technological innovations in order to explore the positive impact both on patient well-being as well as on business process management perspective.


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