Amalgamation of Fog Computing and Software Defined Networking in Healthcare 4.0: The Challenges, and a Way Forward

Khushi Shah, Mohammad Obaidat, Preet Modi, Jitendra Bhatia, Sudeep Tanwar, Balqies Sadoun


Rapid recent advances in automated data collection routines have led to a tsunami of health care oriented data stored in the distributed, heterogeneous, and a large databases. Healthcare is one of the pioneering fields that has started using Machine Learning (ML) and IoT (Internet of Things) for increasing life expectancies and decreasing death risks. Since then, major improvements are being witnessed for achieving real-time results and decreasing latency. This work attempts to provide an extensive and objective walkthrough in the direction of adoption of fog computing and software defined networking (SDN) framework for a huge data processing in healthcare domain. Both of these technologies, holds a great promise for the healthcare industry. In this paper, first of all, we survey various communication technologies involved in heathcare and also discuss the need of data processing and its security. Finally, we conclude with future research issues and challenges in this domain.


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