A Comprehensive Quantified Approach for Security Risk Management in e-Health Systems

Sondes Ksibi, Faouzi Jaidi, Adel Bouhoula


As a major advancement technology in healthcare industry, e-health contributes to setting up efficient and highly automated healthcare infrastructures. Internet of things (IoT) holds great promise for healthcare providers as well as for its end users. Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) applications are among the major trends of the moment. Nonetheless, numerous security features remain as main issues towards secure, reliable and privacy-preserving e-health systems. Indeed, the participating nodes in IoMT networking for e-health service delivery; which are heterogeneous and resource-constrained; generate, collect and exchange huge amounts of private and extremely sensitive data. These facts, among others, expand the attack surface and decrease the trustworthiness in e-health systems. In this research work, we propose a framework to enhance trust and help with making decisions based on a quantified risk assessment approach. This framework relies on a novel approach/model for improving trust and risk management in an e-health context.


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