Formalization and Verification of Reconfigurable Discrete-event System using Model Driven Engineering and Isabelle/HOL

Sohaib Soualah, Yousra Hafidi, Mohamed Khalgui, Allaoua Chaoui, Laid Kahloul


This paper deals with the modelling and verification of reconfigurable discrete event systems using model driven engineering (MDE) and Isabelle/HOL. MDE is a software development methodology followed by engineers. Isabelle/HOL is an interactive/automated theorem prover that combines the functional programming paradigm with high order logic (HOL), which makes it efficient for developing solid formalizations. We are interested in combining these two complementary technologies by mapping elements of MDE into Isabelle/HOL. In this paper, we present a transformation process from Ecore models, to functional data structures, used in proof assistants. This transformation method is based on Model-driven engineering and defined by a set of transformation rules that are described using formal presentations. Furthermore, in order to avoid redundant computations in RDESs, we propose a new algorithm for improved verification. We implement the contributions of this paper using Eclipse environment and Isabelle tool. Finally, we illustrate the proposed approach through FESTO MPS case study.


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