Emerging Design Patterns for Blockchain Applications

Vijay Rajasekar, Shiv Sondhi, Sherif Saad, Shady Mohammed


Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) introduces a new computing paradigm that is viewed by experts as a disruptive and revolutionary technology. While bitcoin is the most well-known successful application of blockchain technology, many other applications and sectors could successfully utilize the power of blockchain. The potential applications of blockchain beyond finance and banking encouraged many organizations to integrate and adopt blockchain into existing or new software systems. Integrating and using any new computing paradigm is expected to affect the best practice and design principles of building software systems. This paper summarizes our ongoing research on collecting, categorizing and understanding, existing software design patterns when building blockchain-based software systems. It collects and categorizes the existing software (design and architectural) patterns that are commonly linked to blockchain and distributed ledger technology. We provide an informal analysis of the identified patterns to highlight their maturity. Finally, we discuss the current research gap in software engineering for blockchain-based applications and propose potential research directions.


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