Using Blockchain to Implement Traceability on Fishery Value Chain

Estrela Cruz, António Rosado da Cruz


Nowadays, consumers increasingly want to be informed about the products they are buying or consuming, especially when it comes to food, such as fish. Besides nutritional information, consumers want to know about the fish origin, whether it has been properly stored and transported, etc. At the same time, for public health reasons, authorities may need to know the current location of certain fish lots (which have been caught or produced in a specific location, have been stored in a certain place, have been transported by a certain truck, etc.). In other words, consumers and society in general demand transparency throughout all the value chain of fish products. In this paper, we are proposing a blockchain-based platform to allow to trace fish lots, back and forth, throughout the entire fisheries value chain. To implement the traceability platform, we define a smart contract to be used on the Ethereum blockchain.


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