Quality of Experience of 360-degree Videos Played in Google Cardboard Devices

Saket Singh, Markus Fiedler


Google Cardboard boxes provide a cost-efficient way to introduce users to Virtual Reality (VR) applications. These devices are suitable to be utilized for entertainment, gaming, and online studies. The 360-degree videos also known as immersive videos, play panoramic view in a video. The videos are played with a mobile phone mounted on a cardboard box and are viewed by wearing or holding the cardboard box. This paper studies the QoE of users (N=60) with QoE features user comfort, presence, and interactivity with panoramic video, based on QoE factors such as lens quality, weight and handling properties of the device. The experimental data is analysed in terms of statistical properties such as Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) including confidence intervals, as well as Percents of Good or Better (%GoB) and Poor or Worse (%PoW). Furthermore, the correlations between user ratings with respect to different groups of QoE features are investigated. Overall, the paper shows cardboard boxes to yield good-to-fair QoE for viewing panoramic videos.


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