Combat Simulation to Support the Conceptual Design of Equipment for the Soldier System

Vikram Mittal, Graham Webb, Jackson Steiner, Luke Shriver, Sierra Butcher


Simulation will play an increasingly important role in designing future equipment for soldiers. The complex operational environment necessitates that the soldier be treated as a system. A soldier system can be defined as a soldier using equipment to complete a mission. Though it is often difficult to capture the mission aspect of the system, constructive combat simulation provides a technique for testing out new equipment on a soldier early in the system design lifecycle. Though combat simulations have historically been used primarily for training purposes, they can be readily modified for analysis of new military capabilities. Additionally, these simulations can be modified to reflect the changes in physical and cognitive load associated with these new capabilities. This paper outlines a methodology for using combat simulation to perform analysis of new capabilities for the soldier system. A case study is then presented to perform a trade space analysis on different tactical-cyber capabilities given to dismounted soldiers. Using the Infantry Warrior Simulation (IWARS), the case study quantified changes in soldier survivability and lethality with the addition of new technologies.


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