Technical Sound Event Classification Applying Recurrent and Convolutional Neural Networks

Constantin Rieder, Markus Germann, Samuel Mezger, Klaus Scherer


In many intelligent technical assistance systems (especially diagnostics), the sound classification is a significant and useful input for intelligent diagnostics. A high performance classification of the heterogeneous sounds of any mechanical components can support the diagnostic experts with a lot of information. Classical pattern recognition methods fail because of the complex features and the heterogeneous state noise. Because of no explicit human knowledge about the characteristic representation of the classes, classical feature generation is impossible. A new approach by generation of a concept for neural networks and realization by especially convolutional networks shows the power of technical sound classification methods. After the concept finding a parametrized network model is devised and realized. First results show the power of the RNNs and CNNs. Dependent on the parametrized configuration of the net architecture and the training sets an enhancement of the sound event classification is possible.


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