A Content Protection Method That Allows Commissioning of Editing Control Processing to a Third Party using a Proxy Signature

Tomohiro Kobayashi, Keiichi Iwamura, Masaki Inamura


In consumer-generated media (CGM), it is important to promote secure content circulation. Content circulation includes the editing of content, and it is desirable for content to become more abundant and varied. For copyright protection suitable for CGM, a technology (K. Koga et al., 2015, T. Fujimoto et al., 2016) has been proposed that controls editing using digital signatures. We propose a method in which the author can securely provide individual editing permissions for content that has been editing-prohibited. this method offers a way to securely buy and sell the right to edit content in exchange for money. Therefore, this method is applicable to commercial content circulation. It is possible to promote content circulation while protecting the rights of the author by using the proposed method, even in scenarios where content circulation is stagnant with conventional methods.


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