Performance Analysis of the Force Control for an Electromechanical Feed Axis with Industrial Motion Control

Andre Sewohl, Manuel Norberger, Chris Schöberlein, Holger Schlegel, Matthias Putz


Control of process forces provides significant economic benefits for many use cases. The force is often the limiting factor for the design of the processes and the choice of parameters. As a controlled variable, it is predestined to ensure stability and safety of many processes. Direct influence also enables increasing productivity and improving part quality. However, force control has not yet become established for manufacturing processes in machine tools with electromechanical axes and industrial control. A major problem area is the lack of real-time capability. Due to the delay times in signal processing, real-time capability is not guaranteed for dynamic movements of feed axes. High-resolution and fast measurement inputs are particularly relevant here. Industrial control manufacturers have made significant progress in this area. In this publication, the experimental setup of an electromechanical feed axis is presented, which is equipped with new industrial control components. The implementation of the force control is also described. Focus is on the investigations regarding the controller performance. The set point and disturbance behaviour as well as the reaction to the process start are considered.


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