PD Sliding Mode Controller based Decoupled Aerial Manipulation

Kamel Bouzgou, Laredj Benchikh, Lydie Nouveliere, Yasmina Bestaoui, Zoubir Ahmed-Foitih


This paper presents the design of 3-Dof multi-link robot arm that is mounted on the multirotor. To be considered the dynamic characteristics of the manipulation platform, the decoupled dynamic models of the system are derived. The main advantage of the first joint is introduced for more robustness and stability during hovering. The PID controller will be implemented for position and attitude of multirotor control, whereas, a sliding mode controller will be designed for a manipulator robot, which is then compared with the sliding surface that has been integrated with the proportional-derivative (PD) controller. The performance of the proposed technique is demonstrated through a simulation using Simulink and Matlab environment.


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