Toward a Correct Implementation of LwM2M Client with Event-B

Ines Mouakher, Fatma Dhaou, J. Attiogbé


Within the Internet of Things (IoT), billions of connected devices can collaborate anytime, anywhere and in any form in various domains of applications. These devices with minimal storage and computational power are based on standards and lightweight protocols. Due to the critical nature of application domains of the IoT systems, the verification of various properties is crucial. To this end, the benefits of using formal methods are widely recognized. In this paper, we present an approach that integrates modelling and verification techniques, required for the specification of IoT systems, by exploiting the OMA Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) enabler. We propose a formal model of the LwM2M client, which is located in an LwM2M device, by building several mathematical models of discrete transition systems using Event-B. Indeed, we opt for a systematic and refinement-based approach that helps us to model and to verify gradually the specification. The Rodin tool is used to specify and verify the Event-B models. The generated Event-B models allow us to analyze and verify the behavior of LwM2M client that supports the latest LwM2M 1.1 version. Furthermore, it is a first step towards providing formally proven LwM2M client implementations.


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