UniSim-Design Simulation and Analysis of a Sulphuric Acid Manufacturing Plant with Double Absorption Process

Amine Mounaam, Yasser Harmen, Younes Chhiti, Ahmed Souissi, Mohamed Salouhi, Mohamed El Khouakhi


In the sulphuric acid manufacturing industries, plant modelling and simulation is a challenging task to minimize emissions, maximize production performance and revenue. In this context, this study presents the steady behaviour of a double absorption process of an industrial sulphuric acid plant. The closed-loop process is modelled and simulated using UniSim Design R451 simulator and validated with plant data. The model includes principally: conversion reactor, plug flow reactors, absorbers, heat exchangers, pumps and compressors. The parameters of the converter kinetic were fitted to the real plant data, while the other parameters were estimated using conventional correlations. The results show a good agreement for the complete plant, with an accuracy that exceeds 97 %. Besides the optimization aspects, UniSim Design plant model is also useful for operator training, simulation of diverse scenarios and development of processes digital twin.


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