Modeling and Simulation of Long Boom Manipulator based on Geometrically Exact Beam Theory

Lingchong Gao, Yingpeng Zhuo, Michael Kleeberger, Haijun Peng, Johannes Fottner


The boom system of the aerial platform vehicle and the fire-rescue turntable ladder can be considered as a long boom manipulator. Due to the slenderness of the boom structure, there are always some vibrations occurring during the operation. In order to control the vibration, reliable dynamic modeling and simulation are necessary. In this paper, we propose a model of the long boom manipulator, especially the folding boom system, as a flexible-rigid coupled multi-body system. And the flexible long boom structure is formulated as a geometrically exact Euler-Bernoulli beam with hybrid interpolation for discretization. The governing equations of the system dynamics are established according to the principle of virtual power. A dynamic simulation of the spatial motion of the long boom manipulator is performed and the results are analyzed.


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