Towards Ubiquitous Learning Situations for Disabled Learners

Nesrine Ben Salah, Ines Saadi, Henda Ben Ghezala


Adaptation in ubiquitous learning environment is a major concern in research work, especially for disabled learners. A number of studies have examined context-aware learning systems, but the learning situation has rarely been taken into account, and mainly for learners with disabilities. There is a lack of studies on the description and identification of learning situations for disabled learners. Therefore, these situations need to be well defined, to ensure that all features, including the guidance of the learning process, are properly adapted to this particular type of learners. The identified situation is linked to a situation model called a typical situation. In this paper, we propose an ontology for ubiquitous typical learning situations relating to disabled learners and more specifically, to those with sensory disabilities. We will then be able to refer to these situations in order to identify the observed learning situations during the execution of the learning process. This identification will then be used to recommend and guide the learning process of learners with disabilities.


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