Simu5G: A System-level Simulator for 5G Networks

Giovanni Nardini, Giovanni Stea, Antonio Virdis, Dario Sabella


This paper presents Simu5G, a new OMNeT++-based system-level simulator of 5G networks. Simu5G is built starting from the SimuLTE simulation library, which models 4G (i.e., LTE/LTE-A) networks, and is compatible with the latter, thus allowing the simulation of 4G-5G coexistence and transition scenarios. We discuss the modelling of the protocol layers, network entities and functions, and validate our abstraction of the physical layer using 3GPP-based scenarios. Moreover, we report profiling results related to Simu5G execution, and we describe how it can be employed to evaluate Radio Access Network configurations, as well as end-to-end scenarios involving communication and computation, e.g., with Multi-access Edge Computing applications.


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