A Novel Anonymous Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme for Smart Grid

Hamza Hammami, Mohammad Obaidat, Sadok Ben Yahia


The smart grid is a new technology that is revolutionizing the services and uses of the electric power sector. It is a solution that integrates the new information and the communication technology into its operation in order to modernize the electrical system and optimize the transport of electrical energy from production points to distribution ones. Indeed, the smart grid represents a future solution mainly based on two participants: the distribution and calculation center and the smart meter installed at the end customer. This smart meter sends the information carrying the energy consumption data of its customer to the distribution and calculation center. The latter processes the received consumption data and returns the result of its calculation to the end customer in the form of an invoice containing the amount of its consumption. This communication can be susceptible to several types of attacks due to its sending in a network, which is not always secure. These types of attacks can modify data and can subsequently generate a falsified consumption invoice. Our work therefore focuses on this issue. It particularly concerns the development of a solution that has the capacity to stem attacks targeting the smart grid with a lower computation and communication costs than its competitors.


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