Structured Planning of Hardware and Software Co-simulation Testing of Smart Grids

Rami Elshinawy, Rebeca Acosta, Jan Schwarz, Sebastian Lehnhoff


The traditional electricity grid is ought to become a smart grid. One reason is the integration of volatile renewable energy generation, which poses the demand for advanced communication and control technology. This results in a change of the overall system dynamics, which in turn require testing to be done in early stages and with a more holistic approach. However, there is a gap in the transition from system specification and static analysis to an experimental setup validating these specification. This paper demonstrates first steps towards a structured methodology for deriving validation experiments for smart grids from initial system requirements. Our approach aims to fill the introduced gap by integrating Smart Grid Architecture Model (SGAM) for static analysis, Holistic Testing Description (HTD) for experimental analysis, and additional tools in a new workflow. Initial assessment of the workflow has been validated on its ability to select the most suitable components and test beds to perform an experiment. Therefore, two case studies were selected, one in the electricity power domain and another in the electricity market domain.


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