A Framework for Creating Policy-agnostic Programming Languages

Fabian Bruckner, Julia Pampus, Falk Howar


This paper introduces the policy system of the domain specific language D◦ (spoken di’grē). The central feature of this DSL is the automatic integration of usage control mechanisms into the application logic. The introduced DSL is cross-compiled to a host language. D◦ implements the policy-agnostic programming paradigm which means that application logic and policy enforcement are considered separately during the development. Both aspects are combined (automatically) in a later state. We propose the well-defined combination of blacklisting and whitelisting which we define as greylisting. Based on a simple example, we present the different aspects of the proposed policy system. Extensibility of the policy system and D◦ is another central functionality of the DSL. We demonstrate how the policy system and the language itself can be extended by new elements by implementing a simple use case. For this implementation, we use a prototypically implementation of D◦ which uses Java as host language.


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