Modeling and Simulation as a Service using Apache Kafka

Moritz Gütlein, Anatoli Djanatliev


Among other requirements, in the field of Modeling and Simulation there is a need to build and run (co-) simulation models on-demand. Setting up, orchestrating and executing simulations should be easy, while additional features such as interaction interfaces open up a variety of applications. Being able to connect external components seamlessly to a running simulation allows for elaborate experiments. This paper describes the architecture and design of a simulation platform that is a part of a broader platform enabling evaluations of future mobility scenarios. Apache’s Kafka platform for big data stream processing is used as a communication base in order to enable all these requirements, as well as for the coupling of different simulation tools forming a co-simulation. We give an overview of existing works regarding Modeling and Simulation as a Service, before explaining our own approach. Therefore, the architecture, the interfaces, and the workflow of a simulation run is described. The approach is illustrated by a case study, which is used to measure the service’s overhead.


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