Development of Portable Sound Source Direction Estimation Device

Kenta Goto, Hiroki Kijima, Mizuki Usuda, Yoshihisa Uchida


In this study, we propose a portable sound source direction estimation device (CASH-H) for people suffering from hearing loss and for the elderly. CASH-H, which is the proposed device, is one that estimates sound source direction by using sound signals from two microphones, and then transmits the estimated direction data to the user. This study proposes and evaluates a sound source estimation method by signal processing. The sound source direction is calculated from the reception time difference between the two microphone signals. In order to improve the measurement accuracy and measurable distance, an amplifier circuit and an IIR digital filter were used. The sound source direction estimation was performed with a mean angle error of 1.09 ° and angle standard deviation of 4.23 °. The measurable distance was up to 40 m under the experimental conditions.


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