Mid-air Imaging for a Collaborative Spatial Augmented Reality System

Dashlen Naidoo, Glen Bright, James Collins


Aerial imaging can be used to deliver mid-air imagining in a collaborative Spatial Augmented Reality system. This research aimed to overcome the current disadvantages of Augmented Reality headsets, which include physical discomfort, visual discomfort, high cost and its single user operation. The concept design presented delivered multiple user interaction simultaneously while delivering an increased field of view. This was done through the ASKA3D aerial imaging plate used to deliver mid-air projection, in conjunction with a camera used for view dependant rendering of mid-air images. This design delivered an Augmented Reality experience without the need for robust technology and solely focused on the method of mid-air image projection. The system was successful in delivering a high-quality mid-air image. A Quality of Experience model was found to be the most suited method for user-assessment of this multimedia device. The overall average percentage rating for the system was 69.4% which was considered successful given that what was evaluated was only one part of a whole system to be built.


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