Method for Improving Multi-stage Compressor Parameters using the IOSO Optimizer

Evgenii Goriachkin, Grigorii Popov, Oleg Baturin, Valery Matveev, Andrei Volkov


In the presented work, an algorithm was developed for finding the optimal configuration of the blades of multi-stage axial compressors using 3D CFD modeling as the main tool and using commercial optimization programs. When developing the algorithm, special attention was paid to the development of a method for parameterizing the shape of the blade and a program based on it, which allow you to automatically change the shape of the blade of the axial compressor. They were used by the authors during optimization as a tool that converts variable parameters into the “new” blade geometry. The created algorithm can be used to improve the basic parameters of the compressor (efficiency, pressure ratio, mass flow rate, etc.) due to the correction of the shape of the blade profiles and their position relative to each other. In this case, the algorithm considers the possible presence of various constraints.


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