Optimization of a Single-stage Air Starter Turbine

Grigorii Popov, Oleg Baturin, Vasilii Zubanov, Daria Kolmakova, Anastasia Korneeva, Andrei Volkov


The paper describes the process of optimizing the blades of a starter air turbine for a gas turbine engine launch system. This task was initiated by the necessity to use an existing turbine when starting a new engine. During the study, it was found that the turbine, although it ensures the conditions for the joint operation with the auxiliary power unit turbine and meet the strength constraints, it does not allow to start the engine within the required time. As a result of studies using mathematical optimization methods involving commercial programs, a variant was found to modernize the baseline turbine, which provides an acceptable value of torque on the shaft with an adequate start-up time at all operating modes with minimal design changes.


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