FPGA-based McEliece Cryptosystem using Non-linear Convolutional Codes

Michael Sone


The paper reports development of a new version of the McEliece cryptosystem using non-linear convolutional codes. Cascaded convolutional codes are used to be part of the public key with each stage of the cascade separated by a product cipher to increase the security level. Cryptanalysis of the new version of the McEliece cryptosystem is performed using existing attacks of the classical cryptosystem to demonstrate the difficulties in breaking the new cryptosystem. It is shown that, security levels comparable to the original McEliece cryptosystem could be obtained by using smaller public key sizes of the new version if multiple stages of the generator matrix are employed. This aspect makes the new version of the McEliece cryptosystem attractive in mobile wireless networks since it could be ported onto a single Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).


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