“The Algorithm Will See You Now”: Exploring the Implications of Algorithmic Decision-making in Connected Health

Noel Carroll, Ita Richardson, Raja Abbas


Despite abundant literature theorizing on Connected Health innovations to support decision-making, the extant literature provides sparse coverage on users’ awareness of algorithmic decision-making. As a result, little is known regarding the role of algorithmically generated insights which directly influence clinical decisions nor the consequences of distancing clinicians and patients from decision-making capabilities. Indeed, recent studies highlight the growing emphasis on algorithmic decision-making but there is a need to raise questions as to how this is impacting on the risk and quality of delivering care. In this article, a summary of key concerns from the literature is provided, and a discussion on the implications of algorithmic decision-making in Connected Health is presented. In addition, a research roadmap is presented to draw more research focus on the role of algorithmically generated insights in Connected Health.


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