Design and Experimental Study of a Pneumatic Bionic Stingray Undulatory Soft Robot

Songzi Guo, Jinhua Zhang, Yuhan Yang, Haiyan Cheng, Jun Hong


Underwater organisms have always been providing inspiration for the design and development of novel underwater propulsion and bionic robots. At present, stingray has been taken as a bionic object due to its stable motion and robust mobility. In this study, a stingray propelled by flexible pectoral fins was taken as a bionic object. Based on this, a new idea for the design of high-performance bionic underwater propulsor was proposed. An analysis was conducted regarding the design, fabrication and experiments of the bionic stingray wave propulsion soft robot based on pneumatic drive. As revealed by the experiments of propulsion performance, the influencing factors for average propulsion include varying frequencies, fin stiffness and the gaps between substrate and the fins. This is expected to provide guidance on our design of a stingray robot in respect of efficient mobility.


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