Low Temperature Plasma Vacuum Sterilization of Medical Devices by using SterAcidAgent®: Description and Distinctive Characteristics

Aleksei Zhdanov, Ilya Pahomov, Alexey Ulybin, Vasilii Borisov


This article presents a description and distinctive characteristics of the new method of low-temperature sterilization. This method based on using a mixture which is consists of peroxide and organic acid as the sterilized agent (SterAcidAgent®). This study shows that SterAcidAgent® composition has reduced the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, it also has increased bactericidal property of the mixture. We conducted studies of the sterilizing activity of 5-carboxylic low molecular weight acids, investigated the effect of basicity and hydroxyl group in the alpha position on sterilizing activity, and proposed a potential composition for a new line of sterilizing agents.


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