A Software Product Line for Digital Libraries

Delfina Ramos-Vidal, Alejandro Cortiñas, Miguel Luaces, Oscar Pedreira, Angeles Places


Digital libraries (DL) have become very popular nowadays. The most important libraries of the world currently publish their collections online, properly classified and, in many cases, with access to the digital version of the resources. DLs are very useful for the general public and for research groups in many fields, such as language and literature. Developing these products is a complex and expensive task, and usually small organizations have to conform with DLs with poor features or outdated. However, this kind of systems usually share most of the features, and even the data model, maybe with little modifications depending on the kind of resources to manage. In this paper, we analyse the domain of DLs using both the previous knowledge of the research group and reviewing many existing products. The outcome is an exhaustive feature model that models the variability of this kind of systems.


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