The Impact of the Transparency Consent Framework on Current Programmatic Advertising Practices

Hubert Pawlata, Gültekin Cakir


With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced, many online advertising practices were affected as data-driven techniques were inhibited by missing user consents. Meanwhile, the IAB Europe introduced the Transparency and Consent Framework to adapt the GDPR requirements into the online advertising ecosystem and provide support in handling consent management for involved actors. In this paper, the impact of the new framework from a programmatic advertising campaign perspective is reflected from a practitioner point of view and implications of missing user consent in five typical techniques which are applied in programmatic campaigns (targeting, retargeting, frequency capping, frequency tracking and cross-device targeting) are addressed and also viewed from an e-commerce perspective. The discussion indicates potential losses in the effectiveness of the applied techniques as well as a potential shift in the market towards walled-garden DSPs such as Google or Facebook. It further provides awareness to raise the potential implications addressed and open future work in this regard.


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