The Current Limitations of Blockchain Traceability: Challenges from Industry

N. Sánchez-Gómez, M. Risoto, J. Ramos-Cueli, T. Wojdyński, D. Lizcano, J. Torres-Valderrama


Blockchain technology is a chain of cryptographically linked blocks. It was designed to be immutable, so that the identity and traceability of the information entered would be guaranteed. After analyzing several traceability solutions, in the context of a Spanish company project, it was found that in order for a traceability solution to be efficient and agile, an additional layer is necessary in the blockchain. Since this need originated in the industrial sector, the subject has awakened considerable interest in the research community. This paper explains why the extra layer is essential and why it should ideally be totally independent of the information that is recorded on the blockchain network. Although data in a blockchain network is immutable, the paper also outlines the need for additional verification mechanisms capable of determining whether the raw data was correct. Finally, it includes planned future work.


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