Prototypes as Starting Point in MDE: Proof of Concept

Alejandro Sánchez-Villarín, Alejandro Santos-Montaño, Nora Koch, David Casas


Prototyping is a technique frequently used in the early stages of software development, but often prototypes are discarded or the provided information manually transferred into further steps of the software production. An open issue in industry and research is the automated reuse of valuable information included in these prototypes. We propose to build a tool that transforms prototypes into models. It is based on model-driven engineering concepts. In this paper, we present a first proof of concept for such a tool. For the validation, we built a mockup based prototype and a plugin for the transformations. The prototype and the generated analysis models were presented to potential end-users of software development companies. They confirmed the need for tool support for reusing information provided by prototypes and considered transforming prototypes into NDT suite models the most appropriate solution for them.


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